DBL Suction Windshield Mount Garmin Handheld & Drivetrack


Rugged double suction cup windshield mount for your Garmin Astro 320/430 or Alpha 100/200 & Drivetrack 70/71. This fully adjustable mount can be used with a handheld and Drivetrack or you can move the ball mounts to use just one device.  Comes with 2 adjustable arms to give a full range of mounting options. Included is a clip for your Garmin handheld and you will use your mounting clip on your Drivetrack. Nothing else is needed to start using this out of the box. Handheld and Drivetrack can be used in any configuration you like left to right. This mount will work with the Drivetrack 70 or 71. Does not come with the Alpha or Drivetrack pictured.

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