Top 9 Hunting Dog Supplies

Top Hunting Dog Supplies

Whether it’s your first dog hunt or you’ve been hunting for decades, it pays to be prepared. Having the right equipment and accessories can make the difference between a successful hunt and one that ends in inconvenience, or worse.

So before you head out for your next hunt, make sure you’re packing the right hunting dog supplies. Here’s our Top 9 list from Ryan Cannon, the owner of Native Dog Supply. Raising and hunting hounds has been part of his family tradition for generations.

#1 – Garmin Alpha 100

Garmin Alpha 100

This tracking and training device is the clear top of the line for hunting dogs. “There are other companies that have something similar,” Ryan says, “but it’s not even a comparison as far as how good they are. It’s just plain easier to use.” Unlike devices that use phone apps, the Garmin Alpha gets the job done when you don’t have cell coverage.

“I was a consumer before I was the owner of Native Dog Supply, and I would say Garmin’s customer service is impeccable.”

#2 Comfort Leads

Beta Comfort Leads

“We sell all kinds of dog leashes — we call them leads in this industry — but the Comfort Lead, which is made of beta material, doesn’t absorb moisture or smell. You can literally put it in your dog tracking bag for six months and it doesn’t smell like a dog!”

There are plenty of choices when it comes to leads, including cable and nylon leads. But the nylon leads absorb the smell of a wet dog and cable leads are heavy. “The beta leads are strong — they don’t have quite the strength of a cable lead — but they don’t smell and they don’t absorb moisture.” They also come in a variety of colors.

#3 Three-Piece Disconnect for Garmin Alpha

When you need to change an antenna quickly, the three-piece disconnect makes changing a breeze. And it prevents you from stripping an antenna. This handy piece of equipment makes swapping antennas easy.

#4 Spare Antenna

Garmin Antenna

“If you’re on foot, most guys use a 4-inch antenna, but if your dog gets out past 800 yards to a mile, you’ll want to swap out for a 13-inch antenna,” Ryan says.That’s why he always keeps a spare.

The antenna you carry may also depend on the type of hunting you do. Coon hunting and hog hunting is done on foot, so a shorter antenna may be all that’s required. But deer hunting, bear hunting and lion hunting is done on foot in combination with a vehicle. So choosing a spare for the conditions can make all the difference in tracking your dog.

#5 Wound Care

Cuts and scrapes are a fact of life on a dog hunt. “So you want to make sure you always keep some kind of wound spray on hand,” Ryan says. “In my med box, I have Super Clot, which stops bleeding. They make several kinds, including powders and gels.”

In addition, you’ll want some sort of antiseptic spray. “We don’t always carry Super Clot or antiseptic spray, but Jeffers Pet Supplies is a great source for those supplies.”

#6 – Oasis Staple Gun

A pre-loaded staple gun saves time and can save a dog’s life. “I have two dogs in my life that wouldn’t have survived if I hadn’t brought along a staple gun,” Ryan says. “There are cheaper ones on the market, but the Oasis is simply a good brand. It’s a better stapler.”

#7 – Briar Chaps

“There’s no telling what you’ll run across in the woods, so it’s always nice to have a pair of chaps to keep your legs protected. I’ve gone into a swamp with jeans and come out wearing cutoffs! It was like a fight with a bobcat!”

#8 – Quality Boots

Snake Boots

“Your feet are your friends in the backwoods until you get back to the truck. It’s no different than in the military. I personally prefer a waterproof snake boot. Not everyone likes them because they’re heavy and hot, but me and diamondback rattlesnakes don’t get along.”

Native Dog Supply carries a variety of Dan’s Boots and Froglegs, including the Aerohead Sport Snake Boot.

#9 – Water!

This seems obvious, but it’s so important. “A lot of people don’t realize how important this is. You absolutely have to carry enough water for you and your dog. I learned from quail hunting that guides carry bottles in their vests. Bird dogs get hot pretty easy because they’re constantly moving. And it’s usually in fields where there is no water or ponds. So carrying water for you and your animal is imperative.”

What’s Are Your Top Hunting Dog Supplies & Accessories?

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